For the Record, You Should Know What’s in Your Home

For the Record, You Should Know What’s in Your Home

Catalog the belongings in your Sedalia, MO home

Do you know the contents of your home? Can you remember the locations and values of the valuable assets in your Sedalia, MO house? Maybe a video would jog your memory. JAM Marketing Enterprises Inc offers video documentation services to make a record of the items in every room, cabinet and closet in your home.

Just dial 660-287-0580 to set up a time to document your home.

3 reasons to document the assets in your home

Most people can only remember 40% of their belongings, and a DVD of your possessions would be a great way to account for everything in the event of an emergency. Here are a few benefits of documenting your belongings:

  1. Have third-party verification of the contents of your house
  2. Keep an inventory of your belongings when renting or subletting your space
  3. Easily recall your posessessions after a loss from burglary or natural disaster

Count on JAM Marketing Enterprises Inc to help you document the contents if your Sedalia, MO house.